Friday, March 21, 2003

Today I woke up to the sound of death… silence. Today, March 20th, we as Americans, have literally sent bombs over Baghdad. This war has made many young adults question our country’s integrity and our patriotism. After my shower I went to the local gas station. (it’s on the way to class.) …the price per gallon? $2.16, that’s robbery! I had to question a few things, like why I was outraged by the price in gas, yet it never occurred that my tax money goes to weapons of mass destruction?
I live in a quiet suburb of L.A. Nothing happens here, nothing remotely dangerous. So, I had to question my safety in this “war for America”. Do I support the troops? Depends, as do all things. I think America needs protection, but the war is not on our soil. So I have to ask what we are defending. Do I wish our troops are safe? Do I pray for them? Every moment! Its “we”, “us”, that fight. It is my generation who’s to take a stand. It is our grandfathers who have sent us to war. These men in office have sent woman and children to their death. Who are the children? There is no age in which makes a child, it’s a mind frame. Our troops consist of many men and women, but more so, these people are children.
The American public is growing. In war growth is hard because of propaganda; the number one stunt of growth on the community. It is the blindfold of the American public. Its ironic to sit here in American Lit at exactly 1:30pm. We all are attentively listening to the professor. Students in Iraq probably cannot concentrate. The news hasn’t shown us this. The papers have yet to show someone fearful of death. And right now I am immersed in dead mans poetry instead of living people’s fear.
Now, at risk for someone reading this… I could be called completely unpatriotic. I disagree so strongly that there isn’t a word that remotely captions how I feel. I’m a voter, a tax payer, a citizen of the United States of America. I have a right to voice my opinion. I am expressing my patriotism by utilizing my freedom of speech. Protesters are the symbol of patriotism. Our country is naive and basks in the beauty of its youth. Those protesters are aging society, allowing us to become more aware, and perplexing the mass amounts of people they demonstrate for. Whether or not their voice makes a political difference it is the best way to educate society. It makes people question their beliefs, even if they are not congruent to those who speak out.
At some level we are all paralyzed by the war. More so on a metaphysical level. Time seems to be going at a slower pace and I think this time is not precious any longer. Precious is a word used to describe youth or angelic beings. This “time” is tainted and spoiled to American’s bloody hands. America, being a child in itself, is not playing with toy tanks and guns. This time we’re counting souls.
My message to my fellow patriots- do as you feel fit in this time of confusion. Pray, protest, be proactive, punish Iraq if you choose; but this is my plea- do not pretend that this war will not bring loss. Because many people in my generation have lost our innocence when the silence I awoke to this morning started

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Midterms love them or leave them:
I finally got my midterm from Caldwell back. I passed! I am so damn excited! So above all there is hope to pass.... I might not have to take Brit Lit again (which would be extreamly ideal) So that leads me on to two papers left and a rewrite which is going to be handed in AFTER break... :) Which leads me in the direction to Spring break which was supposed to be uneventful, BUT BUT BUT Netto is comming from Tahoe. I am so damn excited. Sometimes i feel like i never see anyone.... With Nett being far, greg always working, Clare in colorado, and Jack in Israel. Man, talk about me liking the long distance relationships. So nett we're going boating all week if its up to me... or at least Sunday. woop woop. I am sooo excited.
Ok, so the kindness act of the month award is now presented to my friend Jeff who spent three hours fixing my computer and only made me buy him McDonnalds. What a stud! Jeff thanks for being the best person in the world tonight. I owe u massive amounts of Nuggets! heh heh.... And Cameron needs to hit up that drunkin 40 year old dontcha think???
So i have had a lot on my mind recently. This war is really bugging me. I mean dispite my politcal outlook i still see this as people dying. I am really not ok with anyone passing away for reasons of politics. I guess when it comes to this type of deal i dont ever side with my political party. I seem to be a Democrat on many of these issues. I am definatly not registered Democrat (thanks to Grey Davis) but my pathos (i think) sides with them more often then not. I mean theres a 10 year old somewhere in this country starving. Someone is homeless tonight while i am laying in my warm bed and on a lap top. This makes me feel very sick. So, I am very against war. We have enough issues. We need to take care of one another. Ok ok so maybe i have pissed some of u off reading this... and thats ok.... maybe some of us (including myself) will think about others more often. I have decided in midst of all my college life i am a pampered and spoiled person. I am going to find ways to give to my community. This war may break up people and homes, but I refuse to let it break my moral. I am not asking anyone to change how they feel. I think its healthy to have ur own ideas and oppinions, but i dont think its healthy to forget about the less fortunate. I'm going to find away to help.

Hope all of you are safe and warm-

Monday, March 17, 2003

Discovering shopping 101-
I HATE shopping. I have always hated it. I am soooo not cut out for trying things on and running from one store to another. Fashion? Whats that? Jeans and a sweatshirt arent fashion????? I mean common people.... they fit me ok... so i thought.... Well Bree (cheese) you got me into womens pants. You happy now? I am apparently on the first step to women hood and remarkably it did start below my belt. ;) hmmm go me! SO other then a very steryo typical female momment today I ran around town for my dad and went to class. Quiet uneventful, but... a cirtain someone passes me this hillarious note today (they know who they are) and it made me laugh soooooooooooo hard. So thanx mistery person for ur bit of humor.
Tomorrow back to school and such. Recently I am trying to become motivated to paint. I havent painted to much in the past 2 weeks. I need to develope my prespective a bit more. I need cash for canvas too... man i need a job. Oh wow (starting a tangent) today i used the virsa teller for the first time! go me go me! I had money to pull out. Doent feel like my money though when Mr. Machine gives it to me.... i best be careful. (back onto painting) So i painted a skateboard last time. it was actually better then immagined, but still less then desireable. I have to give credit to even the painters i am not a fan of.... It takes remarkable skills i dont have to paint. Although, I played violin 10 years and still paint better then i played. But hey, band camp was fun! (dont u dare laugh) Well now its time to say goodbye to all our company. M-i-c-k-e-y Y? because we love u.... M- o-u-s-e See ya real soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

A special thanks to Kevin...
I love when you and I get Boston Market! Heh heh, Kev our bonding sessions rock! We saw Chicago cause you know I love musicals. Such a good sport you are singing to the music.... heh heh shhhhhhhhhh. ;) So, now that I saw chicago i need to see bowling for colinbine. Its in the 3 dollar theater so if someones willing, lets do it!
This week I dont get to go boating cause the rain. Its been really pretty. Unfortunatly that means no sunday beach trip though (sorry greg). Netto... come home from Tahoe! I miss the heck outta you. Nett just think in a few months Hawaii.... wooohooo. okie dokers well i think u all owe me JK! Oh, Kyle, I am going next Saturday to your show so stop sweatin pal! See ya later u crazy crew.

-Ms. Rachie Herself