Sunday, July 06, 2003

It's sunday, and remarkably i have survived the 4th of July. That day we moved diana into the cottage with liz and then went to Jasons to swim. Billy came to pick us up in his "hot" ride and we all shot illegal fireworks off in the high desert. Its been a month and a half and Jason and I are still dating pretty seriously. (he'd hate me if he knew i posted these things online) But oh well... its my life :o) heh heh. Mom got her surgery done and shes feeling well. I am pretty excited that everything is moving along well. yesterday Calvin and Jason took diana and i to La Jolla. The boys went snorkling for a bit and us girls read on the cliff... I didnt have much choice cause swimming recently is no bueno. (but i got great pictures) As for the convertable... well we learned it wasnt a road trip car. Calvin and I cannot explain how badly our knees hurt.
So since i have been stuck in summer school and awaiting my move to the on campus resident life, I dyed and straightened my hair. Yes its much darker now with blonde chuncks in the front. Not cute, but very punk. I love it so i guess thats all that matters. My hair has to be straightened daily, so i dont know how long this will last.... but its a change and i needed that. As for everything else... well i start up art school again this friday. so i will be drawing more. I need that relaxation period. Well Hey i dont normally do this to post messages but PETE, yes u PETE.... i keep seeing ur old place and i kinda miss talking to you. I have been reading ur bloggs... glad to know your ok. See ya soon pal!