Thursday, May 22, 2003

This is an add on from the post previous.... CHARITY, I HOPE UR HEAD GETS BETTER.... BUY AN SUV! OR A BETTER MAN! heh heh

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Ok, so this is the last normal week of the semester. I am having issues departing from spring of 03. So, here are some of the things that stand out in my mind:
1. Amy thinking i am eclectic and revising my work
2. Waiting to get beat up cause Charity shared her views on culture ;o)
3. Humping the broken statue on campus to win Gregs friendship.
4. Mid night cram sessions via net with other panicked classmates.
5. Watching a naked man (tartuff) in class with a HUGE grin on my face.
6. The fire alarm in the MH building ..."Im my moms only kid!"
7. Taking a shot of Rum after my first C, and darted off to take a mid term!
8. Breakfast with the ladies in the English department and all the men bashing we did.
9. Mikes never ending sanity when i couldnt hold myself together.
10. Jenny fell twice trying to walk to class... HAHAHAHAHA
11. Break dancing (the worm baby!)
12. the 15 hr paper in the library, 2nd floor, no air conditioning
13. Paper boy and the man whos only half black from the waist down. Oh and that damn Backstreet boy Charity loved
14. The LBC party when Steve and Jason had to ride in my trunk.
15. The first time i ate busy bee (blech)
16. All of my Bri cheese stories, wal mart runs baby!
17. Barry alone is a memmory, but the time he lit himself on fire was quiet the sceen at Cal Poly.
18. Mikes new appartment, the gun that shoots those plastic things that give me welts.
19. "I did not inhale in the LBC!"
20. The times my alarm didnt go off
21. The time Caldwell left the class in a puff... only to come back in a little later (we didnt move) trying to start class again!
22. Tims calls at the beginning of the semester.... every sunday, email 101
23. The time a Police officer appologized cause he made me move, when i was illegaly parked and the kid next to me selling weed..... and he drove by and said sorry cause he made us rush LOL!
24. Food poisioning with Bri and my fam over a bad tostada.. going to Phils and almost puking on his floor!
25. Mr. Rodgers died, and i think Professor Friend looks like him! (but i wouldnt want to be his neighbor)
26. I learned how to use a virsa teller!

Well i am sure more will come to me, but this is it for the while.
Have a good and safe summer my friends.
Rachel, the cute one, cause my mommy told me so!