Sunday, March 23, 2003

I adore the ocean. Anyone who knows me knows i LOVE being out on the water. Today... the swells on the way back from Dana Point were HUGE! Now, for most people this is not fun... Having ur bladder bouncing up and down at the pace of the boat. (Usually about 20 knots) Its like a cheep version of a Disney ride, but with priceless scenery. Dad and I are going out again on Friday. He'll play hookie from work... Other then that lets see *ahem ahem* One week until Netto Babe comes down. And i have to share her with Greg, but thats OK Big Pimpin cause you got my back yo'! For the record shes at my casa Sun-Tues pal! So Bri and I went to Walmart and ran around for over an hr picking out carebears while slightly intoxicated. Well I was, she can hold her one beer... i am a cheep date. We got some pics of them, they'll be scrap booked i promise. I went to a BBQ with no meat cause Steve, Mike, Joey, and Jason devoured it. But they save rice for me and thats totally sweet of them. Thanks men! Kyle's performance was Saturday night. Dude "Ultimate Cheese Burger" rocks! Stanfords got nothin on Sac baby! And hey the after party wasnt bad either. woop woop! I was really glad i got myself to finally go to Kyles performance. Definatly something I would like to do again. Yeh to free entertainment for college kids! *claps* Over all it was a cultrual experiance. Okie dokers so I am kinda in the painting mood so.... guess whos off to make a mess? Yep thats right! ME!!!!
Take care and be safe-
Rachie (the cammel and the wine.... Bri ur always the cheese)