Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well We have all missed quiet a bit... I went to Israel for a month. The best time of my life. I did more growing there than I have anywhere else in the world. I grew emotionally, spiritually, and ate a lil too much falfel. Then I got home and things got weird. Maybe because I went through culture shock or something of the sort... I dunno. But, the worst happened. I broke up with Stu. Yes, Mr. perfect. I dont know what came over me. I didnt want it to happen. I know I didnt think it would be perminent. We loved one another. It wasnt supposed to be that way at all......... but it did. So now I am sitting here in my room continplaiting whats important. I know he is, but I cannot have that. So I am finding that whats important is to be mature about things. Really know whos good for you. Lindsay is that person for me. I know that sounds like some massive lesbian action, but really... its a best friend. Its someone to take you out for ice cream when you need it or to hug you when you cry. Shes the person who makes me shower and do something with myself (normally she begs me to slow down) because this blob once known as Rachel isnt cute anymore. Its nice to know that when I am not near my family that she, Nadia, and Chris can be mine. I had this talk with chris about what its like to be "homeless" (its dorm lingo for not being close to mom and dad) and I learned something. We are one insestual family on this third floor. This is my home along with 23 other people and I actually enjoy every single person for their own reasons. I took chris home with me last weekend to do laundry and kinda hang out. It definitly made me realize how close he and I have gotten. If he ever reads this, thanks chris. So to the three of you kids... lindsay, chris, and nadia... you're the shit. To Mr. Unforgetable... well you still have a special place in my heart