Monday, June 09, 2003

Wow... where do i start? Okie lets start from this friday when we all played basketball (i pooped out VERY early) and then we went back to Jason and Calvin's house. I went on my first (and hopefully last) motorcycle ride. Calvin made me wear his helmit and I had to hold on tight. I totally enjoyed his efforts to take me on a ride, but I was not much of a sport. The speed made me wanna cry like a baby. So he turned around and we went back to eat their food and watch the origional "Gone in 60 seconds". I was muy impressed by the 25min car chase. Saturday rolls around and Jason pulls up in his corvette convertable and teaches me how to drive stick. It took me three hours, but I ended up driving all over town and took my mommy for a spin also. He was adorable and I think my mom wants to keep Jason for herself. So after we all grouped at my house and went to some party in Glendora. This house was HUGE i kid you not! I was muy impressed once again.... So we went to Katys at 12:30 am thinkin we'd stay for an hr. Well we kinda all stayed until 7am (11 of us) playing games and watching movies and ate all her food! So then I went to Lizzies and crashed for a few hrs. Came home did two loads of laundry, baked cookies, did the dishes, cleaned Jinx's tank, took a shower, read some of Ethan Frome (horribly boring book) and went BACK to Katys where I made dinner with her for all 11 of us! So then we all watched Montey Python and the Holy Grail and i headed off on my Merry way. Whew I had the best time! I even have pictures. I am looking forward to going to the Angels game soon with Greg also... but he didnt get the tickets. Go figure. Anyways I need to make a beach trip but i am not lovin summer school. Hope everyone is doing well... I miss u all! MUAH!

Ms. Sleepy head Rachie