Thursday, April 10, 2003

Hey everyone-
I just wanted to announce i was absolutly disgusted tonight... thanks to a man who quoted "I didnt molest the sheep" i wanna puke! I think Mike and Steve can relate to how i feel. Its worry some when i cannot find an appetite. *sadness falls over my house* But then Mike made the night a whole lot better... see discussing with the group size issues is amazing.... when you have friends that take great pride in their bodies. "Small Mike, Big dick" I didnt know there was a guy named Richard at the table mike.... :o) anyways. If you wanna see the gang, here we are okie... so the pics of me are not cute... my friends like to be naked, and ummm well.... we're just weird... life is good and i love u guys!

Monday, April 07, 2003

To my dear friend greg-
Greg.... if it werent for you Disneyland would be borning... school would be less eventful, and i think that the pelvic thrust would have been out dated.... you my friend are a sheer gem.... I adore you. Now, do us all a favor... dont reperduce until ur 35.... make ur wife hot and ....ummmm yeah. Anyways this is my lil i love ya update, cause i think someday u might even name a child after me.... i know i would.

Always good times at Ridgemont high
Ms. Rachie Herself