Sunday, April 04, 2004

I left my blood in San Fransico

Ok, as we all know in life some people have fears. I have more than my fair share. So i went on a road trip to see birthright people who I went to Israel with and Ian, Matt's best friend. So we're chillin in Berkeley with Ian for the majority of the day and later head to Oakland where Matt and I reunite with Arnon for hot dogs and hot coco (dairy before milk)... Anyways we crash at his pad and the next day try and see Matt from USF. So heres Matt and I on the bay bridge for three hours. I gotta take care of some stuff and this guy is trying to jump off the bridge. So of course I am yelling "jump jump!" while matts yelling at me that I should be more compasionate to a man whos obviously distraught. (I think hes selfish for imposing on so many lives, but i do feel deeply sorry for the guy) Anyways then We FINALLY meet up with USF Matt who buys Matt and I lunch and then proceeds to have a pledge wash my car. Eugine was an awesome sport about it. (i have pictures of anyone wants them) THen Matt and I drove cross town to Shanie's appartment and met up with Paul, Dave, and Molly. Very exciting when we all met more people at the cheesecake factory and hung out that night. So heres where my vacation turns... First off we watched 8 crazy nights. That makes me think of my mommy cause Whitey has her voice. Makes me sad and I cry. Yes, i cried at Dave's appartment. Then we get back to Shanie's place and I end up at the hospital. This is where the "life thought" takes place. When you're in the hospital at 3a.m. and you are the only sober person being treated. We totally take for granteed the fact that people are willing to study years and years to cure and save us. Then they treat the staff poorly and cannot comprehend anything going on. It saddened me. So as I am on my best behavior and being helped... the RN says "Rachel, we are not sure whats wrong... we need to draw some blood" Mind you... the reason I was there was because I was bleeding made me worried. So my response goes something like this "I am not a damn pin cushion!" I ended up allowing him to do it. I didnt cry, didnt pass out, and didnt give him any problems. I just allowed him to help me. So I maynot be over my biggest fear, but now i can see it maturely. Its to HELP me, not torment me (I was confused about that before apparently) Well I am on antibiotics now and doing better. Matt was absolutly wonderful to me and everyone has been watching over me well. Tonight my family gets together for Pesach and I am excited. Ok so i cannot drink the first year I am legal to, but its ok. I'll be surrounded by loved ones. So, I left my blood in san fransico (Lindsay says its ok cause it actually pumps through my heart) and I have learned that although that man jumping off the bridge has far more troubles than I do, we had something in common that day... we both needed a lil help from a medical professional. The difference is he's probably still with the cops and I am back in OC in my lovely little appartment flushing my body out with fluids. :) Happy Passover!