Monday, September 22, 2003

Well its the end of september and I havent written in here since July. Hmmm a huge gap I see. Probably the most important gap in my life and you all have missed it because I have slacked off. Well here goes nothing:

I moved to Fullerton, Ca by my lonesome. I ended up meeting a guy thats far beyond my wildest dreams (even if right now he and I are not on the best of terms, we'll work it out). I have three new roomies, well I take that back. In spirt of family I have 7 roomies and 2 neighbors. See first roomies are in my appartment. Cheryl, the compleatly adorable kid who lives with me, Mai who happens to melt in sunlight (shes awesome), and Jennifer who after a month I dont know anything about but shes good at art. Then my other roomies... the men who make all this possible in my life. First Stu, my boyfriend. Not only is he my bf but my bestfriend here too. I dont know how much i can say without getting to into my personal life, but hes gotta be one of the most kind hearted and loving individuals. Then there is Steven, hes sooooo cute! Man laddies if ur lookin for a lil hunk with a huge heart.... steven's ur man! Then Nick, I think hes in denyal about being so hot as well... But hes great with the Easy Mac and fun to talk to. I give this boy an 11 out of 10. Then last but never least of my roomies... Daniel. Hes totally into clarienett (sp?) and likes to pig out on In-N-Out as some of us jog our butts off every day. Also good company!
My neighbors are Sarah (also the RA) who wants me to see her naked and is my closest female friend here. I think shes not only excellent at advice but loves me too! heh heh She has three roomies i also like a lot. My other neighbor is el jeffe. (Jeff) He's compleatly hystarical. I think he and i connect on so many levels. Heck i took him for his eye brow peircing. Yes Jeff, it looks good.

As for everything else going on right now... my car broke down and I wont get another one until November. I know I am kinda angry. Sucks huh? Well i am a spoiled brat whos never had to wait for anything... maybe this is just another life lesson. I think i have plenty of room for improvement so this is something I can learn from and realize real people dont get what they want always.... but thanks sarah for the match box car. I appreicate the convertable, but insurance for it is high! A red car????????? I am now a cop mag! :) well this is the quick 411 for you all. Miss u bunches....

As always-