Saturday, May 10, 2003

To the crew *ahem*:
It wasnt about the partying
Or the trips to the LBC
Its not about the shit we do
The late nights at Cal Poly
Dont think its the rice we eat
When we have no cash to spend
Its not about the beer we drink
Or the trunk rides from a friend
Not about the calls we make
Or the coffee house we play
Its JUST about the bonds we have
Like when i needed you today-

Steve, Mike, Jason, Cheese... you are my peeps!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Until you reach college u dont know what it means to be up at 4am cramming in a brit lit paper. U have no clue that the world is up past 10pm and that ur mom wakes up to use the restroom at around 1am. I dont think you ever truly come to terms with who you are and what your purpose is in life, but i think that college (with the help of an all nighter) really puts perspective on things. Tonight people have IMed me, called, and shown up to bond and i have gone astray... I am flirting with Milton, a dead man whos puritain values seem tarnished by my crass demise. Again i battle the literature displayed before me... and again I will loose to the hands of an angry professor. I kid you not, this is my life and for whom it concerns i care not. What i do care is how it pans out. Whats right is not always easy, and whats easy is not always right... College is right for me. I am learning more outside the class then within... It is not always how i find the answer that matters... just that i have found truth within myself.


Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Life is SOOOOO hard without a decent computer... but oh well... can u believe some cultures have never seen a light bulb? Man, i am on spoiled kid! BUT dispite my horrible "working" conditions... I have been deep in thought. Ya know as an English major its my job to read. (duh) Unrequited love is a MAJOR poem seller.. I HATE that so overly done Dickinson issue. I love her and her poems, yet sooo over the whole negitive love problems.
Barry, Pal i miss u so much. Whatever happened to friends who actually lived in my state? ALthough, i am glad to say Dave (Flounder) has called u out. And hes soooo right. Matthew has moved in with Lou, i thought i would never see the day some people moved outta that crappy and nasty hell hole they call the TKE house. If someone doesnt get SARS from there i would be shocked. I think this move will really help out with things. Make it easier to function. Seeing that Sean isnt fuctioning with Shawn its nuts.
I saw Xmen II Dude... u have to see the first one FIRST! duh, numeric order people! I am really stressed with papers (so rach why are u waisting ur time here?) cause i want to damit! (who said that??? *confused*) ANyways, i think i have kinda dropped off the planet with some people and i appologize. Bare with me please! Well, stay safe people. Enjoy the up and comming sunshine, and if the sun doesnt shine... share a smile, thats much better anyways. Although, i cant ride my boat on a smile. Pray for sun, smiles are optional! :o) take care people!

Waiting for the swells to be more merciful!