Sunday, October 07, 2007

Role reversal

It's tradtion. Yearly I make my mom take me to the pumpkin patch and we search endlessly for a pumpkin that I am going to carve and love for at least 2 weeks. This has been an anual event since the year I was born, but this year was different. This year, I dont live at home and I wont be passing out candy to kids who come by my house. I dont NEED a pumpkin. My mom however, near tears, calls me and asks me to come home for the anual event anyway. So, happily, I went. This time mom searched for her favorite pumpkin. She usually picks the most awkward looking one. As she searched, she looked up at me and said, "This isnt for you anymore is it?" I loving looked at her and said, "The first 23 years were... it's about time you have your turn." I turn 25 in 2 weeks and these are the new changes. Between the move, the bills, the job... I got lost in this adult behavior. My mom, the best woman in the world, is trying to find her little girl in the patch. And although there I was, it wont be the same trip anymore.