Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Ok, its been a bit. Anyways I am almost 21 so Oct 24th-26th i am gonna be in vegas with Stu, daniel, nick, phil, sue, and bridged. Woohoooo. Well well well. As of last night the fire alarm went off cause the girls on the 4th floor blew out their candles. Good work ladies. My car is a new 96 ford explorer. It kicks ass and i just got it washed. I think the vegas trip will be fun in it. Daniel and Stu are comming in my car so i think the three of us will have a good ride. :) NO not like that u sickos! As for school... well i am passing. Isnt that a releif? I dunno. I am very hungry. I should make myself a sandwhich. I am gonna jam now.... If anyone even reads this... see ya!