Thursday, May 01, 2003

I cant imagine not experiancing what I have this past few weeks. It's been odd with the crew. Sometimes i think that if i am seperated from the gang to long that i am alone. Its amazing the lessons i learn about life... a fire breathing, nail shoving guy can be the best thing thats happened to me in a while. Its not about what the relationship is or can be, its not even about how it started... its regaining my faith in "good peeps". I have found the ultimate good person. Keeping good people in mind poor Mikes place has been used and abused a lot! I have been there so much lately. If not there then I am cramming all the papers that have built up... With all this excitement built I found out next summer (Not this one) I am going to Israel for a month. I cannot wait to tell Jack. My sunburn from boating is killin me. Blech! But the surf was nasty and choppy sunday anyways. Hey I got my housing papers today too...! wooohooo! i am movin out! yipeeeeee! I love my life. Anyways I am gonna study for Dr. Friends impossible exam and then hit the hay. U kids all be wild and crazy. And hey, Greg, sorry for washing ur face pal :o) i forget sometimes i am not everyones mommie ....heh heh

L'hetraot- Rachie