Monday, June 23, 2003

Ok, so its been a while. Strangly I have been to busy to putz around on the computer or pay attention to school. Ya know for a totally stressed out, overachieving, overly zellous student... I havent really studied all summer. I am taking 2 novels classes, you'd think the heat would be on. Goodness, one only knows why i am content with a C! Thats never happened before! I am starting to miss some of the faces in my old classes and passing by the appartments on campus is leaving me itching to move, but recently my peers at home and I have grown a bit more attached. I am almost driven to say that moving might actually have some remorse with it, where are before i was DYING for the change. BTW, while i am jabbing about moving, Pete ur old appartment is lonely without u... (i pass by every day cause i like E lot best :oP ) My dating life picked up quiet a bit and i was starting a summer romance.... starting is the operative word. Its done now (ahhh how time flies). My parents are slowly building a porch in the front of our wonderful house. The mystery of it is why am i using it more then them???? I LOVE sitting outside and reading. I coulda sworn i wasnt 80 years old. BUT i think i am an old fuddy duddy already. I would claim i am people watching, but there are no people on my block to watch. Oh well, so i am lame. I am buying a Disneyland pass and i have sworn to go a lot this comming year. Anyone whos up for it let me know! I am extatic about it. also, the first Girls night is this wed. (so it doesnt take away from basketball) i am looking forward to it. And an update on my hyperextended elbow.... shes all purdy and fixed! shinny as a new whistle so now i am a baller once again! HAHAHAHAHAHA, i rawk! jk. well kids its time to go back to study mode. Miss ya bunches and hope ur enjoying the summer rain (whats with that???)-

Rachel, the new "Shanps"