Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Tah Dah! *claps* I felt like putzing around on the ol lap top and making a mockery of myself. Joey, i think its ur birthday.... but u wont tell us.... so happy Bday! (i think) Also, Cheese.... if it werent for ur insane sanity (whatever paradox u can get form that) i myself might not be the stable (hahahahaha) individual i am today. I love u like a sis, but thank goodness i dont have to share a bathroom with you! As for my long Gass poetry paper... "free at last, free at last, thank G-d almighty, free at last!" I have finished the dreaded paper (now awaiting the portion of this month where i get the grade and go psycho) Oh, hey my granny turned 80 today. WHat a marvolus woman. I adore her so much. I am glad she is healthy at 80 and uses the internet. How many grannys use Ebay? mine does! weird i know! some day when i am 80, she and i can play black jack, swing some beers, and hustle the grandkids :) heh heh.... Pete, we're talking again. Good to know that we can tag team it up at 4am to get through the nightmare of Gass. You're a Champ... I'll be the chump. Well i just wanna say Bri i appreciate the open connection we have. You are one of my best friends. We are NOTHING alike in nature, but we realize this an i think that makes the friendship more valuable. I love u very much, and if it matters at all... You're a founding sister of the SexSea Bitch sorority... Beta Hoe Class! woop woop. Sisters for life and no dues to pay!

Monday, May 12, 2003

I got a new lap top... my mom says its my third arm or my brain, but t he computer spells better then i do. We went to some rawkin party friday night in the LBC but those frat guys need to tell a chick when they are married. Ewww hello i am cute dont mess with me! So we have pics from the night. check the mess out! Bri and i were diggin it. BTW Bri and Jason... i love u both, leave me outta it yo! Make out and make up, but leave the friend out on the curb where i can listen and watch with some pop corn. Tonight i saw mark which i havent in a long time. Good to see the cat again. I have so much school work to do its killin me. Its 2:40 and i am not asleep. How dumb can i be? wait wait dont answer it. Class isnt until 1pm anyways. duh... so i am gonna leave u now and work on my new computer. I LOVE THIS DAMN THING!!!!! have fun! night night